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"100,000 Used Books."  That's what the sign on the highway says.  Actually it's more like 150,000, but who's counting!  
Looking for a good read?  Something no longer in print?  Something rare?  Or just like to browse old books and visit the classics?  Keren Wales invites you to stop by.  There you will find paperbacks, hardbacks, and books in and out of print.
Keren runs the book store, with help from Scarlett the cat and other members of the family.  And her father ran it before her, until 1981.  Many of the books are ones he picked up on bicycle trips across the British Isles.
Keren says:

"My aim is to get as many books as possible into the hands of the people who will love them the most.  Running a used book store with old books that are sometimes hard to find is a public service, like a museum or a library.  Thereís value in just having those books there for the public to look at, even if they donít take them home."

You will find the store nestled in the mountain valley, along Interstate 90, in the town of Alberton, Montana, just 30 miles west of Missoula, Montana, and 140 miles east of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.
Map of how to find the store  
      E-mail Keren:
Phone Orders: 406-722-4950
Address: Montana Valley Book Store
P.O. Box 152
512 Railroad Avenue
Alberton, MT 59820
Pictute of the sign on the highway, saying 100,000 Used Books
Keren's grandaughter peeking around a door in the store
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